Ask Lana and Cast

Lana & Cast at previous event

Lana & Cast at previous event

Lana Veenker & Stephenie Meyer

Lana Veenker, local casting director for Twilight, and some of the local cast from the Twilight movie will be conducting a panel discussion at our VIP party. They will be answering your questions about what it was like to work on the first film in the Twilight saga, how it has affected their lives, what young people who want to break into show business need to do and more.

Please submit your questions below and enter to win time with Lana and the cast.
Each question gets you an entry in the drawing. Winner to be announced at the VIP Party.

For those of you who can’t make it to St Helens for the event. We will be posting a video of the panel discussion.


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11 Responses to “Ask Lana and Cast”

  1. Jill Cottrell says:

    I am so excited that you are coming to St. Helens! I originally bought movie tickets in early September to a Portland Regal cinema. Since I recently found out about the VIP Party here, I have purchased tickets to that also!! I still don’t know what to do about the original tickets! lol I just can’t wait to see the movie and having you here also is just icing on the Bella cake!! Thanks for remembering us!

  2. Vampire Freak says:

    I loved the icing on the Bella cake part! Very creative! -,..,-

    O O
    ^ cat

  3. Vampire Freak says:

    My mom is trying to get us tickets to the movie! So excited! -,..,-

  4. Vampire Freak says:

    O I thought that this is where you can comment on what Jill had said. Sorry!

  5. Vampire Freak says:

    (-,..,- Edward) (-,..,- Bella) (-,..,- Renesmee) (Rosalie -,..,-) (Emmett -,..,-)
    (Alice -,..,-) (Jasper -,..,-) (Esme -,..,-) (Carlisle -,..,-) These are my equals!

    (Vampire Freak -,..,-)

  6. Vampire Freak says:

    Just got the tickets today! So excited! Like an hour and a half ago! -,..,-

  7. Noelle Linden says:

    Will you be involved in the casting of Breaking Dawn, as it is rumored to be possibly filmed here in Oregon? And what would someone do if they wanted to be invoved as an extra?

  8. Tanille Tucker says:

    We ould also like to try out for extras if you are doing that also.. two 33 year old women… 2 11 year old girls

  9. Jill says:

    If you are interested in acting or being an extra, a great site is the one that Lana Veenker’s company uses called The Casting Frontier (.com) make your self a profile on there and you could possibly get called for a casting! Good luck!

  10. Kilyn Colerick says:

    Do you have any information on the casting of Breaking Dawn? I hate those casting sites that dont know what they are talking about. Email me with details and how to auditions thanks.

  11. tom spencer says:

    Heyyyy it says that the winner for monday 14th dec is meeeeee :D:D:D

    allllllllll my love, seriously!

    tom spencer¬!!

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