New Moon VIP Party!

New Moon VIP Party!

Lana & Cast at previous event

Lana & Cast at previous event

We’re kicking off the weekend with the VIP Party of the year!


Lana Veenker, local casting director for Twilight, and some of the local cast from the Twilight movie will be conducting a panel discussion at our VIP party. They will be answering your questions about what it was like to work on the first film in the Twilight saga, how it has affected their lives, what young people who want to break into show business need to do and more. Submit your questions online and enter to win time with Lana and the cast.


Anita Wheeler

Special Guest Anita Wheeler is a Traditional Quileute story teller. She has been telling her grandfathers’ stories for many years, in this way she keeps her family’s Quileute traditions alive. Anita will be sharing her stories with us during a special, private session at the New Moon VIP Party. Read more about Anita here.

Evening Itinerary:

Thursday Nov 19

Columbia Theatre 212 S 1st Street in St. Helens

Doors open at 8:00

8:30-9:00 Trivia and door prizes

9-10 Lana and Cast discussion panel

10-10:15 Bella’s birthday cake

10:15-11:30 Anita Wheeler, Quileute Legends

11:30-12 Bathroom, popcorn, social break

12:01 am New Moon!


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5 Responses to “New Moon VIP Party!”

  1. […] going to have Tours of the locations, vendors, concerts, and so much more. The Main event is the VIP party where not only do you get to see New Moon, but you get to experience it with Quileute story teller […]

  2. […] is having a New Moon Premiere Party in St. Helens Oregon, the location for many of the scenes from Twilight, including Bella’s House. It is a 4 day event Nov. 19th-22nd and it is jam packed full of Twilight surprises including: the New Moon premiere, A Twilight Music Girls Concert, a Q&A panel with Lana Veenker, plus so much more. You can check it out at: New Moon VIP Party! Event Info […]

  3. […] Twilight cast members. New Moon will screen at 12:01 a.m. at the VIP party. Tickets available at Keri Murphy Update Last week I reported that Keri Murphy, former owner of Murphy Talent Group, […]

  4. Noelle Linden says:

    Just bought tickets! This looks like it will be a really fun event. Don’t forget to visit Jilly’s in Olde Town down the street from the the theater!!

  5. Jill says:

    The VIP Party was a blast! My friend and I were the first ones in line! We got to meet with some of the local cast and eat some Bella B-Day cake! (among other awesome things) Anita Wheeler was great. I loved her stories. Thanks to everyone who helped make this event such a success!!

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